No Animal - Testing 100% Vegan Paraben Free No Animal - Testing 100% Vegan
No Animal - Testing 100% Vegan Paraben Free No Animal - Testing 100% Vegan

Why Choose Us

No Animal - Testing

Our product and its ingredients were not tested on animals; no animals were harmed in the process.

100% Vegan

It contains no animal-derived ingredients or by-products.

Paraben Free

Our beauty and skincare products do not contain synthetic preservatives, parabens etc..

About Us

GlowbyNJK, where beauty meets sustainability. Our skin care industry is committed to providing high-quality, vegan, and cruelty-free products that enhance your natural glow while caring for the planet.

At GlowbyNJK, we believe that beauty should not come at the expense of the environment or animals. That’s why all our products are 100% vegan and free from animal-derived ingredients. 

In addition to being vegan and cruelty-free, our products are also free from parabens. Parabens are synthetic preservatives commonly found in beauty products that have been linked to potential health risks. By eliminating parabens from our formulas, we ensure that our products are safe and gentle on your skin.

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond our product formulations. We use quality packaging materials and strive to work in every aspect of our business operations. 

GlowbyNJK experts have identified the finest ingredients for every skin after intensified observations through their vast experience. We are motivated to develop goods that brighten your life with the combined power of science and innovation.

Protein - 10


Unisex Facewash


Protein 10 Greentox

Our multifunctional face cleanser is designed for a diverse range of individuals seeking simple and efficient skincare treatments. This versatile solution is ideal for busy people since it simplifies your skincare routine without compromising effectiveness. It combines the advantages of a cleanser and a toner in a convenient bottle. A range of plant-based proteins are included in Protein 10 Greentox, a product that aids in the removal of toxins from the skin. Together, these 10 distinct protein kinds gently exfoliate the skin, leaving it feeling clean, renewed, and revitalised.  The cleanser also contains a variety of organic ingredients that are soothing and antioxidant-rich, which helps to remove grime and leave the face feeling nourished and radiant.

Rich in oats, wheat, sweet almonds, and other nutrients, it provides intense hydration that renews skin and invigorates. This product creates a beautiful spa-like experience at home with its automated micro-bubble creation and 2-in-1 capability as a cleanser and mask pack.

Made in South Korea, it has advanced micro-bubble technology that effectively eliminates dirt and pollutants from the skin while also providing skin-toning, anti-ageing, relaxing, and fragrance-free allergens.

Dermatologist Tested

Our products have been tested by dermatologists to ensure safety and effectiveness for skin use.

Non Irritating

GlowbyNJK product has been tested to minimize the risk of allergic reactions that are unlikely to irritate any type of skin.

Top Notch Quality

Our products are formulated using high-quality ingredients to deliver effective results, glowing skin without compromising.


Excellent, very fresh feeling after using. Placed another order and received it..Happy with the quality of the product


Feels refreshing and cleans black spots in first wash. Hope it gives good results in long term use. Worth for the money spent


It really cleanses ur face, I use it as cleanser in morning times & mask pack in night…. Gives glowing & radiant skin….Good product

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At GlowbyNJK, we believe that true beauty begins with transparency. That’s why our Products are thoughtfully developed to exclude harmful ingredients while harnessing the power of safe, ethically and sustainably sourced components.

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